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by Jon Kent

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Creditsafe case study


Creditsafe is a multinational company facing the new challenges created by comprehensive adoption of hybrid working.

The lack of visibility on colleagues' daily work location prevented employees from coordinating their schedules effectively. They would often arrive at the office only to find no one else there, which led to frustration, wasted time on video calls, or missed collaboration opportunities. This situation also created challenges for HR to provide an optimal work environment. Without a proper overview of what was happening, they lacked insights into employees' workspace requirements.


Creditsafe's Cardiff office already had a desk booking system in place, but it was no longer fit for purpose in the current hybrid working scenario. It focused solely on office use, making it difficult for HR to rely on the data it produced. With the desk booking contract renewal looming, Creditsafe needed a replacement system that could be rolled out within a month.

Creditsafe's other offices did not have any system in place, but there was still an urgency to find a solution to improve coordination and visibility on where employees were working. They needed a tool to help make hybrid working work.


Creditsafe decided to roll out intheOffice across four offices in Ireland, Cardiff, and the Netherlands. Due to the different requirements of the offices, they opted for two different roll-out methods.

Big Bang Launch

For their Cardiff and Ireland offices, the imminent end of their desk booking contract meant they opted for a "big bang" launch. Using intheOffice’s self-service platform, they prepared the platform with multiple offices and configured the bookable desks.

Within two weeks of the decision to go ahead, the system was launched internally. Following the launch announcement employees started to add themselves to the platform using self-sign up with Microsoft SSO. Over 100 people started using the platform within the first 2 days, and over 72% of the office onboarded within 2 weeks.

Pilot First Launch

For the two offices in The Netherlands, Creditsafe opted for a pilot first approach. They started with a smaller group of 15-30 employees and made the system available to people at intervals over the coming weeks and months.

Word of mouth quickly spread within the office, and people outside of the pilot group were desperate to gain access. Uptake grew organically, without the need for the roll-out team's intervention.


intheOffice has proven to be an invaluable tool for Creditsafe to manage their hybrid working arrangements. Employees now have visibility over where their colleagues are working, and HR can gain better insights to continue to nurture a happy and productive workforce.

The implementation of the "big bang" launch for the Cardiff office ensured that the system was quickly up and running within two weeks, replacing the previous desk booking system.

The pilot-first approach for the other offices was also successful, with employees showing unusual enthusiasm for onboarding to the new system.

Creditsafe is now considering expanding the platform to include other offices in different jurisdictions.

“intheOffice is just perfect for us. I can’t believe people outside the pilot group are so eager to get access.”

Head of Business Support – Creditsafe NL


Creditsafe's smooth roll-out of the intheOffice system across their four offices in three countries highlights the importance of choosing the right implementation method based on the requirements of each office.

The speed and organic uptake of the onboarding process is a clear indication of the system's flexibility and ease of use, which played a vital role in accommodating the different roll-out methods.

The "big bang" launch was critical in replacing the previous desk booking system in the Cardiff office, while the pilot approach for the other offices ensured a successful onboarding process. The intheOffice system proved to be a valuable tool in managing hybrid working arrangements, leading to Creditsafe's consideration of adding other offices in other jurisdictions to the platform.

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